November 3, 2010

WM: Khador Vladimir, Dark Prince Of Umbrey (Warcaster)

Just finished painting my first ever Warmachine model.  I've had Warmachine and Hordes models for the last couple of years, but whenever my son and I did play Warmachine, they were unpainted.  Most of my Hordes models were sold this past weekend at a local Mercenary Market, but we decided to hang onto our Warmachine models.  I am actually quite happy we decided too.

Empire Games will soon be running a Warmachine/Hordes League (something similar to what I am running for Warhammer 40K and LOTR) and my interest back into Warmachine has just peaked again.  My son and I met a friend the other night too quickly walk us through a 15 point game (to refresh on the rules) and then we through down for a 15 point "Duel" again last night.  It's been fun so far.  I just have too make sure that I keep playing it for fun and not get to competitive.

Anyways back to Vladimir, the upcoming League is encouraging getting your models painted and you earn extra points if some of your model are painted.  i.e. +1 for a fully painted Warcaster and so on.  So last night after our "Duel", I decided to 'prime' Vladimir and this morning I got him painted.

One thing I also did was pick up some of the Privateer Press paints yesterday.  I wanted to try and paint these models close too what their 'Factions' are suppose too look like.  Plus I have never used the P3 line of paints before and this was a good excuse to try them.  I wish the 'Khador Red Base' was a little thicker, but they did a decent job.  I also picked up 'Flesh Wash' and 'Armor Wash'.  I tried the 'Flesh Wash' on Vladimir, then decided to go back to GW's 'Ogryn Flesh'.  I did not try the 'Armor Wash' though.  I decided to wash the model in GW's 'Devlan Mud' instead.  I'll probably save the 'Armor Wash' for when it comes time to paint the Warjacks but again at the moment I am undecided.  The GW washes are just an excellent product.  I just need to be consistent when it comes to the Warjacks.  I want too make sure that they look alike.

Has anyone reading this tried the P3 'Armor Wash', and if so, what are your thoughts?

Here is Vladimir, Dark Prince Of Umbrey




Painting Points: 1


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