November 7, 2010

WM: Collecting A Rhul Army

This past week Empire Games in Mesa, AZ still had a lot of overstock items that they were selling for 20%-30% off.  When reading the Warmachines MKII Rulebook and coming across the faction of Rhul "The dwarven nation of Rhul lies in the cold mountains of the north." and then seeing the models on the tables at Empire Games, I knew I had to collect a small force.  A Warmachine 'dwarven' army just sounds like too much fun.

I love playing with dwarves, so be it Warhammer Fantasy, Lord of the Rings and then now seeing them in Warmachine.

Since Khador will be my main army for Warmachine (always expanding this army) (and Cygnar for my son), I still like to collect other smaller forces (15 points is fine for me).  A benefit with the Rhul faction is that I can also play them as Mercenaries for my Khador faction.  In 'Battle Royale' games I can run a Khador and Rhul Warcaster, or in the smaller point games I can play a Jackhammer Solo with my Khador and still add the Rhul Warjacks.  This is going to be fun.

So for my 15 points of Rhul, I decided to pick up the following models:

Gorten Grundback
Privateer Press©
Grundback Gunners x2
Privateer Press©
Wroughthammer Rockram
Privateer Press©
 Ghordson Driller (still need to pickup next weekend)
Privateer Press©

Thor Steinhammer
Privateer Press©
This list works out perfectly to 15 (+7) points.  Thor Steinhammer is my Jackhammer so I can also run them with my Khador army.

While my son was getting in a game of Fantasy yesterday, I was able to assemble all the above models (minus the Driller of course).  Then next weekend I'll pick up the Driller and some paint for them and get started with these guys.


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