December 2, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 12/02/2010

December's Agenda

Well it has been two months since I last wrote a "Daily Chronicle", so much for the word 'Daily'.  I have been writing as much as I can when I have models that are completed and ready for posting.  The purpose of the "Daily Chronicle" is really to write any updates on day's that I do not have any models to post.

So we shall begin:  I am still working on painting my first Unit of "Iron Fang Pikemen" for my Khador army.  I have completed four "Grunts" and I am currently working on one more "Grunt" and the "Leader".  Once these last two are done, my initial Unit will be completed.  I do still have the additional four "Grunts" to fill out the Unit to 10 and an "Officer" and "Standard" to complete the whole Unit to 12.  Let's just start with the initial 6.

To keep me motivated and on track with the "IFP" last night I picked up another 'Warcaster' for the Khador army.  Currently I have "Vlad" and "Irusk" and I really wanted the bad boy "Butcher".  My local store had "The Butcher of Khardov - 2010" model so I had to pick it up.  While waiting for some paint to dry on the "IFP" last night, I had to break "Butcher" out of the blister and get him assembled.  I am hoping to have him primed some time today and possibly start working on him this weekend.  The Warmachine League that we are currently playing in, awards achievement for playing with painted models, painted Warcaster's, different Warcaster's and so on.  So by adding "Butcher" I will have hit the four Warcaster achievement (Vlad, Irusk, Gorten and now Butcher).

We'll see how the rest of the month pan's out.  I still have Units for Cygnar to paint and I have some Lizardmen Skinks to paint for Warhammer Fantasy.  I may complete the Sinks before moving onto to Cygnar just to give me a change of pace.  Then we have the Holiday's at the end of the month.  I have the last two weeks off from work.  I am planning on a lot of painting and hopefully some gaming in.


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