October 2, 2017

WM: Khador Widowmaker Marksman (Solo)

I had 3 models I need to get done for my Khador army for this weekend, JuggernautGrolar and now the Widomaker Marksman.  Since I knew I was going to be away this past weekend with cycling events on both Saturday and Sunday, I had rushed and completed the Widowmaker Marksman by Friday night.  This now allows me this week to relax a little bit and actually decide if I am going to be playing my Khador or fall back to my Minions for this weekends Michigan GT.  I think the shooting that I have with my Khadoe lists is going to slow me down a bit on the clock, but I like the aspect of Warmachine on allocating my Focus better than how Fury works in Hordes.  So I am torn between the two armies.  Since the clock is a big part of the game, I think I am leaning towards the Minions.  But at least it was good to get a few more models completed that were just sitting around for my Khador.

Widowmaker Marksman

Widowmaker Marksman

Painting Points: 1


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