June 29, 2010

W40K: Salamanders Vulkan He'stan

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Vulkan He'stan, Forgefather of The Salamanders is the chosen of his Chapter and this past weekend I finally got around to painting him for my son's Salamanders army.  Since the Space Marines Codex first came out in late 2008 we have been using a converted Vulkan for his army.  A few months ago I had my local FLGS order me the new Vulkan He'stan model from Games Workshop.  I had the model sitting here in Arizona waiting for us to move back down.  Once we arrived back in April I picked up my model and assembled and primed the model.  Since April he has been just sitting on my painting desk just staring back at me.

Sunday morning I had decided it was time to actually paint up Vulkan.  I applied the base coats first thing in the morning (before and after the England/Germany World Cup match).  When we arrived back from our Apocalypse game later in the evening I applied some of the highlights and just before retiring for the night applied a few washes and finished up the base.  The matte spray was then applied first thing Monday morning.  Without further ado, I present Vulkan He'stan:

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Painting Points: 1


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