June 10, 2010

W40K: Eldar Fire Prism

Games Workshop©
This past Saturday I purchased the new Eldar Fire Prism kit as part of my son's 8th Grade graduation present.  Well last night he decided to open the box and he noticed that the clear sprue that has the canopies and the Fire Prism Crystals were missing.

This is the second time I had something miss-packaged from Games Workshop (the first time I was shorted some Termagants and has some Hormagaunts instead), but this is the first time I had called GW about it.

I waited until this morning when GW Customer Service was open (9:30 AM CST) and placed my call.  John from Customer Service had answered my call.  I explained to him we just purchased the new Fire Prism this past Saturday at Empire Games in Mesa, AZ and I was missing the clear plastic sprue.  John looked in their system to see if they just had the sprue.  They did not have it listed as a separate catalog item and he said they would just have to send me a new Fire Prism kit.  I said great and John proceeded to take all my information.  He says I should have the new kit within a week.  Let's just hope it has the clear plastic sprue.

Besides placing an order with GW, this is the first time I really had to call for Customer Support.  I just want to say that my experience with them was excellent.  We all hear stories about bad customer service, it was far from that with my call today.

So now that leaves me with a Fire Prism without any clear plastic pieces.  The nice thing about the new Fire Prism kit is that you can also make the new Night Spinner vehicle from the same kit.  The Night Spinner does not use the plastic crystals, but it does use the canopies.  I figure I'll go ahead and model the kit as a Night Spinner and make some of my own canopies out of "green stuff".  I know I'll have to paint the canopies instead of being clear, but it is a free model and I am not going to complain.

My son is working on this army himself, but I am helping him built the vehicles.  I'll be sure to add some pictures of his Eldar army here on my blog, and you'll also be able to follow his progress on his blog "Eye of Vulkan".

Once the new kit comes in from GW, I'll be sure and comment on this post letting everyone know if the plastic sprue did arrive in the new kit.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.


  1. I too have had great customer service from GW and other games manufacturers. If I could make a suggestion since you seem to already have the link... try the barter bucket for those canopies!

  2. Thats a great idea thanks. I had figured that since you dont get any "extra" canopies in a kit, I wouldnt be able to find any. But I'll ask anyways.