June 17, 2010

W40K: Ultramarines Drop Pod's 4/5

Games Workshop©
[sarcasm on] After having so much fun painting the insides of Drop Pods 1-3 [sarcasm off] I decided to take the easy way out and glue the doors shut on Drop Pods 4 and 5.  Some players say I cannot shoot the Storm Bolters if the doors are closed, oh well, this is not a tournament army, but a friendly army.  I play for fun and most of my friends will allow me to still shoot.

With the modification to my list, all that is left to paint are my 2 Characters.  Tigurius and a Librarian.  I cannot believe it, a year and a half later and my Ultramarines are almost done.

Anyways, here are pictures of Drop Pods 4 and 5.

Ultramarines Drop Pod 4

Ultramarines Drop Pod 5

Painting Points: 20


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