June 15, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 6/15/2010: Building New Armies

Last week in the "Daily Chronicle" for 6/7/2010 I talked about playing games with 1500 or 1750 point armies.  After week of pondering and playing a few more games at the 1500 point level, I have decided on a personal note that the 1500 point games will be my games of choice.

I have also decided that going forward all new armies I build I will also build them to the 1500 point level.  Last month I had stated that I am a Collector/Gamer/Modeler, so I really love collecting armies for Warhammer 40,000 more than anything.  Not just assembled and gray plastic, but fully painted armies.  So by cutting down my point limit on future armies to 1500 points, I'll be able to spend more time collecting new armies.  For some armies I may even decide to do 1000 points.  If I ever want to combine my armies I can always play Apocalypse.

Since I have all the models for my Ultramarines to build them to 1750 points, I'll probably make that last my army to build at that point level.  I have been contemplating on reducing them to 1500 points and I may still decide to that.  I am still playing around with lists for 1500 points and with the models that I had already converted/painted.

Since I have yet to start painting my Blood Angels, I have also reduced them down to 1500 points.  My list is similar to what I was running for 1750 except I would have to drop one Assault Squad.  So there is $66 in models that can be used for another army.  The Blood Angels will be starting soon.  I have Dante and 3 Priests already assembled.  I have been waiting to start painting until I can get my Assault Squads assembled.  This weekend or next I should be able to finally get a box of Blood Angels to get them started.

I am still going to play 1750+ point games and I have plenty of armies I can choose from for these games (Black Templars 2500+, Dark Angels 3000+, Dark Eldar 2500+, IG 2000+), just going forward I'm trying to keep them at 1500.

After the Blood Angels I am not sure what would be next.  I have been thinking about an all bike Space Marine army led by Khan, or maybe even start getting the Tau.  Price wise they may the same.  Space Marine bikes cost $45 for 3 bikes I would probably need 15-20 bikes.  So we'll see which way we decide to proceed.

Other than that, this has been/will be a slow week in painting.  I am still assembling Eldar vehicles for my son, I have 2 more Fire Prisms to assemble for him, and I would like to try a Spearhead game or maybe even an Apocalypse game this weekend.  Most likely it will probably be Spearhead since my son would want to try his Eldar and we only have around 1900 points for him.


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