June 5, 2010

W40K: Imperial Fists Tactical Squad 2

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Tactical Squad 2 was finished the other day for my Imperial Fists army, but I just finally got around today to take a picture and get it posted.  Not too much different on this squad compared to the first, except I went a little lighter on the "black wash", especially on the helmets.

Other than getting that squad done, I have not really done to much.  Starting working on another Leman Russ today for my Imperial Guard, and I have been getting games in.  So I guess that's a good thing.

I still have 3 Squads of Terminators to do for this army and Lysander himself.  I also have to get back to painting the Ultramarines.  I still have 1 Vet Squad, 2 Drop Pods and my Characters to finish up for the UM.  I'm actually in nor rush to finish the UM or the IF.  When they get done, they will get done.  I still have awhile before I can start on the Blood Angels anyways, and I also have some more Imperial Guard models that I would like to get done.

Imperial Fists Tactical Squad 2

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