June 11, 2010

W40K: Imperial Fists Terminator Squads 1-3

I decided to work on all 3 Terminator Squads for my Imperial Fists army all at the same time.  That is why there has not been any updates this week.

Well, all 3 squads are now done.

For doing a speed paint on them without any highlights, I am actually quite happy on how they turned out.

All that is left for the Imperial Fists now is Lysander and 1 Devastator Squad.

I was able to play-test this last this past Sunday.  I was lucky and all 3 Terminator Squads arrived on Turn 2.  We shall see how this army plays out when I am not so lucky.

Imperial Fists Terminator Squad 1

Imperial Fists Terminator Squad 2

Imperial Fists Terminator Squad 3

Painting Points: 30

1 comment:

  1. Nice stuff, but maybe try adding an ogryn flesh wash to dull down the yellow, it's looking a bit like pikachu yellow!
    still, it's a good yellow, well done!