June 7, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 6/6/2010

Just a quick Daily Chronicle for today.  Empire Games ran what looked to be a cool scenario for Flames of War.  Jimmy the Manager at EG built an awesome table this week for D-Day (which is today).  His table was quite beautiful.  I havent touched FoW in over a year so we did not participate.  I ended up play-testing my Imperial Fists this morning instead.

After our quick 1500 point game, we had planned an 8th Grade surprise graduation party for my oldest son.  Nothing too fancy, my sister and niece are visiting this week from Chicago, so it was them, my parents, and our family all over at my parents house for a late lunch.  I dont think my son really expected the party.  He knew we were heading over there for lunch and for some swimming, and was surprised when he saw the balloon and cake.

My wife and I (mostly I) had bought a few things for my son.  When I was growing up, we always had large parties with families for special occasions and I wanted to get some items for my son.  On the hobby side of things, I picked up some items for him to get his Eldar army to 1500 points.  This is the army that he will build/paint by himself.  I picked up 1 box of Fire Dragons, 1 box of Dire Avengers, 3 Wave Serpents and 1 new Fire Prism (that was released yesterday).  I think he's happy, he's actually assembling the Avengers right now.  Since he is going into high school next year, we also purchased him a new laptop.  He's been using a really old desktop this past year, so we got him something a bit faster.  I am a "mac" guy and really love them, I just could not justify the $1200 to purchase him a "mac".  Plus 'Army Builder' does not work on a "mac" unless you load Windows.  I might as well save half the money and purchase him a Windows 7 machines.  I then went ahead and upgraded Army Builder to version 3.2 and also loaded that for him.  Not sure if he knows yet about AB3.2 (he hasn't powered on the laptop yet.)  I think it was a good day for him.

One more item, I did manage to complete my Leman Russ this morning for the Imperial Guard.  I'll post pics of that tank in the morning.

I started off saying a "quick Daily Chronicle for today"......  I guess it was longer than I had thought.

A quick Battle Report of today's game will come later and as mentioned above pictures of the Leman Russ tomorrow.


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