June 17, 2010

Battle Report: W40K Imperial Guard vs. Eldar

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Eldar Craftworld Biel-Tan planned an assault on Planet Taros late last evening.  The Imperial Guard called in the 114th Cadians to protect and defend the planet.

Points: 1500

Seize Ground

Objectives: 3

Deployment:  Spearhead

This was only the second siting of Craftworld Biel-Tan for my son, and unlike the first encounter with the Imperial Fists who barley held on for the win, the Imperial Guard were not going to show any mercy.

The Mechanized Biel-Tan Eldar were flying in 2 units of Guardians and 1 unit of Dire Avengers in Wave Serpents.  1 unit of Fire Dragons were arriving in a Falcon with a Night Spinner patrolling the far edges of the planet.  Phoenix Lord Asurmen was overseeing the attack with the Dire Avengers.

The 114th Cadians also rolled onto the battlefield fully Mechanized in Chimera's.  1 HQ with 2 Grenade Launchers / Lascannon, 1 Platoon Command with 2 Grenade Launchers / Lascannon, 3 Infantry Squads with Autocannons, 2 Veteran Squads armed with Melta Guns and Heavy Bolters.  Supporting the flank was a Hellhound Bane Wolf and supporting the rear were 2 Leman Russ.  1 Battle Tank variant with Plasma Canon sponson's and 1 Executioner.  The 114th were not going to lose planet Taros.

The outcome was not good for the Biel-Tan.  They were not able to coordinate with their gunners and were only able to destroy 1 Chimera.  The heavy arsenal of the 114th manage to "table" the battlefield and claim all 3 of the Objectives.

Honestly it was a lot closer through Turn 3.  The Eldar were holding 1 Objective and contesting the other 2.  It was not until Turn 4 where the Imperial Guard were able to bring on the heat and start to hit/destroy their targets.  The list my son was playing I feel is actually a strong list.  Some better luck with his Bright Lances and the outcome may have been different.  I hope he keeps on having fun playing with them and we shall see what happens next time.


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