November 27, 2020

Blood Bowl: Mats by Mars Green Meadow Fantasy Football 7's Pitch

Last week when the urge to get into Blood Bowl for the first time in 15 years, I was also looking into the NAF website on alternative ways to play the game that may speed it up a bit.  The NAF site does have a page that does exactly this and I came across a version called 7's.

Blood Bowl 7's is basically the full game of Blood Bowl, but instead of 11 players on the pitch, there are 7.  Re-rolls also do cost double and the game is played on a smaller pitch.

The smaller pitch is what kind of scared me, because the length and width are both shorter (so it is not as easy as to just "tape" the sides) and I started googling for a 7's pitch.   I then remembered that Mats by Mars makes vinyl pitches for Blood Bowl and took a look at their site.  Besides selling full size pitches, they also had quite a few choices for Blood Bowl 7's.... perfect.  I then proceeded to order the "Green Meadows".  No thanks to FedEx, my pitch finally arrived this week.

The pitch rolls up for storage, and as you can see in the photo, it does lay nice and flat when unrolled.  I like this mat so much that Mats by Mars is currently having a Black Friday Sale (code: BFCM2020) for 25% off, that I ordered 2 more, 1 in a Frozen Tundra and 1 in a Tavern.


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