January 15, 2019

Guild Ball: Unboxing 'The Navigator's Guild: Tales of the New World'

It has been just about two months since I placed my order for the 'The Navigator's Guild: Tales of the New World' back on November 22nd through a US website on the West Coast. and finally yesterday my package has arrived.  Originally it was suppose to land in the US early December and shipped out mid December (in time for Christmas).  Delays kept on pushing out the date, and being lost at Sea did not help either (it turns out the US actually ships products by boat in the US from Florida to California).  Florida is where the container originally arrived and then they had to make their way to some of the West Coast distributors (which went by boat), then when it arrived, they did not have the correct paperwork from Steamforged Games and had to wait for SFG to return to the office due to the Holidays.  So finally yesterday afternoon around 3:00 PM, the USPS delivered my package.

Inspired by their captain's leadership, the men and women of the Navigator's Guild revel in unorthodox play, creating opportunities to score with sudden bursts of speed and agility. Even in adversity the Navigators are a challenge, turning terrain to their advantage or utilizing powerful abilities after suffering attrition from the enemy team.


  • Windfinder
  • Wander
  • Horizon
  • Fathom
  • Azimuth
  • Ebb
  • 6 Stat Cards
  • 1 Ball Token
  • 1 3D Terrain Piece
  • 1 Goalpost
  • Tokens & Health Dials for All Players

The detail on their plastics is getting much better from when they originally started with the plastic Kick-Off miniatures.  Since all the new plastic models are "colored plastic" they officially do not need to be painted for tournaments (per the OPD, but some events like AdeptiCon may require it), so my Navigator's are in no rush to be painted and will be trying them out unpainted.  Do I "hope" to have them completed this year, "yes", but we shall see (in a bit of a painting slump at the moment).


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