January 17, 2019

Daily Chronicle: Announced "NOVA Open 2019" August 29th-September 1st, 2019

The other day I received one of the semi-monthly newsletters from the NOVA Open and in real big letters it had said that the room block was 80% sold out.  For the heck of it I decided to log into my NOVA Open Store account just to see if anything was there.  All of last years events have been removed and there was a note stating that on February 1st, 2019 they will be reactivating the site.  I also noticed under my account settings that I had $15 available in store credit, I then proceeded to login with my son's account and it showed the same, $15 credit available.  These credits are on our accounts because last year we signed up for an event and then changed it for another event, the credit difference was placed into our accounts.

That then got me thinking... My plan for 2019 was to skip over the NOVA Open this year, with a family vacation two weeks later and hopefully SteamCon USA a month later, I thought another Con may be too much.  I really do not want to leave that credit to go to waste, so I went back to the newsletter and click on the link for the Hotel block and chose my dates, Thursday-Saturday nights and it came back that no rooms were currently available.  I then had read on Facebook that they may try and open up some more rooms if they can.  Just before I went to bed for the night, I refreshed the screen on my phone and now it had showed my room selection as available, I went ahead and booked my three nights (if we end up not going, I have 72 hours before the event to cancel my room).

Now my son and I need to decide on what events we will want to play.  We are leaning towards something a bit different for this event.  Most of my trips this year I am signed up for Guild Ball, the one's my son can attend he will be signed up for Guild Ball and Batman.  Last year we attended NOVA Open strictly for Warmachine/Hordes, that may be an option for 2019, but the NOVA Open is one of the largest conventions for Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game with some of the best scenic tables in the game.  If the schedules stay the same like last year, we are looking at playing in the Doubles event for MeSBG on Friday, and the Singles event for Bolt Action on Saturday.  Yes Bolt Action, after we get our game in June for D-Day, we may have the itch to play again, it will be nice to use NOVA Open to change it up a bit from what we are playing through out the year.

We shall see come February 1st when the NOVA Open Store goes live and we can get a look at the schedules.  If something interferes with one of our options, we may swap it out for X-Wing (or if they shock us with new events like Arena Rex).


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