January 7, 2019

Daily Chronicle: Announced "Spring Fling 2019" April 27th, 2019

I have known about it for awhile with announcements on Facebook, but yesterday at 6:00 PM Eastern Time, tickets went on sale for the annual Guild Ball event, "Spring Fling 2019".  This was a huge event last year (I believe it holds the record for most players attending in the US at 64) and I knew this year was probably going to sell out fast too.

There were talks about the event actually moving to a hotel location for 2019, but it turns out the event will still be hosted at Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn, VA, which by looking at the website pictures looks to be a very nice gaming store.

When I wrote "What's in store for 2019" a few days ago, "Spring Fling 2019" was on my list as potential event I was going to attend in 2019.  The timing may be rough right between AdeptiCon 2019 and MuseOn Con 2019, but yesterday afternoon I decided to take my chance and try to purchase a ticket for "Spring Fling 2019".  After a delay with their Tickets page on the website, roughly about 6:02 PM I was able to get in and make my purchase.  So as of now it looks like I have plans to attend the event.  Only one other player that I know of from Michigan will be attending the event (my friend Josh up in Grand Rapids) and we will work on logistics on possibly car pooling and I am going to let him crash in my room.

I am glad I decided to jump on getting my ticket when I did, as the event did sell out in 2.5 hours (with the TO holding a few reserve tickets).

Looks like it will be a busy year of Guild Ball events.


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