January 15, 2019

Battle Report: Guild Ball 1/14/2019 Navigator's vs Alchemist's

Here is a little change in pace from our normal Butcher's vs Hunter's games that my son and I usually play.  Last night my son thought I was going to be playing my Butcher's again and he decided to try out the full Alchemist's Guild in Season 4, but I decided to throw a curve ball and break out the Navigator's Guild that I just received earlier in the day.

Seeing how I really did not look closely into the Navigator's Guild, nor read through much of the Facebook Group, I decided just to play the 6 that comes inside the box set,


I elected to kick off with the Navigator's and chose 'Horizon' to do this for me, with his 5" Dodge, I thought he would be a good choice for a first turn goal.  Well, he failed at that, 'Horizon' was able to Tackle the ball back, but being engaged he was down a dice for Kick, meaning his base Kick of 2 just went down 1, I still need a 4 and it was re-rollable, but 'Horizon' missed the first shot.  Alchemist's received the ball from the scatter and did a Kick to 'Midas' who used the Momentum for a 4" Dodge.  Once 'Midas' activated he went for his Goal run and succeeded in scoring the first Goal of the game with a Screamer, Alchemist's 4, Navigator's 0.  The ball kicked out to 'Fathom' who had a full stack of Influence, luckily she had Full Speed Ahead granting her 0"/2" MOV and a free Sprint/Charge so she Charged 'Vitriol' so I could get the added 1/2" I needed for a Goal.  'Fathom' was able to wrap on her card I took the Momentous Dodge Dodge that I wanted and then she proceeded with Acrobatic to get even closer.  'Fathom' took the shot and matched 'Midas' with a  Screamer for herself, the score was now 4-4.  Alchemist's then did quite a bit of damage on 'Horizon' leaving him with 1 HP left, but he was also Burning and Poison, so he was going to be Taken Out in the End Phase and the Alchemist's were up 5-4 ('Horizon' only grants 1 VP for Taken Out).

Navigator's won initiative for Turn 2 and I elected to take it.  'Wander' my Mascot was near the open ball and flew 1/2" to pick up and Sprinted/Flew over to 'Horizon' who was able to re-enter the game on my opponent's side of the Pitch, I kept 'Horizon' at a safe distance, but yet close enough for a Goal run.  'Wander' successfully Passed 'Horizon' and I received my much needed Momentum.  Alchemist's were out of range to get to 'Horizon', so 'Crucible' elected to do some damage on 'Fathom'.  Now it was time for 'Horizons' redemption and this time he successfully scored his Goal and the Navigator's were up 8-5.  Alchemist's tried to Kick the ball out the 'Midas', but with where the ball scattered, 'Fathom' was able to intercept the ball.  'Venin' engaged 'Fathom' but was not able to do much to her and left the ball with 'Fathom'.  'Fathom' then decided to take her chance for the game winning Goal.  'Fathom' Acrobatic out of 'Midas' melee range, but she was still engaged by 'Venin' and 'Vitriol' so that meant 'Fathom' was down 2 dice on the Kick bringing her to 0 dice, but the rules state you always have 1 dice.  'Fathom' took her shot on 1 dice (grant it was re-rollable) but she didn't need it and scored with a 5 for the game winning Goal.  Navigator's 12, Alchemist's 5.


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