January 4, 2019

Guild Ball: Free Cities Draft 'Amber'

In the Fall of 2018, Steamforged Games ran a World Wide event called the "Free Cities Draft" where each player can report on the games they played and vote for the Rookie they would like to have for their Guild.

At SteamCon UK in November, the final results were announced and today Steamforged Games is starting to release the background stories for these Rookies.  Every Friday and Monday for the next five weeks, a new story will be announced.

The first story 'Amber', can be found HERE

The final standings were:
  • Alchemist’s Guild - Kami
  • Butcher’s Guild - Layne
  • Hunter’s Guild - Edge
  • Mortician’s Guild - Gaffer
  • Blacksmith’s Guild - Cutlass
  • Mason’s Guild - Champ
  • Fisherman’s Guild - Knuckles
  • Engineer’s Guild - Nomad
  • Brewer’s Guild - Flea


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