January 20, 2019

Battle Report: Guild Ball 1/20/2019 Butcher's vs Blacksmith's

My son and I are swapping out Guild's playing each other and it has been a little while since my son last played his Blacksmith's Guild (with his switch to the Hunter's Guild), but this afternoon he decided to throw them down for a game against my Butcher's.

V Gutter
V Cinder

I elected to receive the ball (since I heard that is the best thing to do with the Butcher's) and proceeded with my usually opening move.  One change to this is that 'Boiler' was able to pick up the ball and did  successful Kick back to 'Ox' for some early Momentum.  Butcher's took an early lead Turn 1 2-0 with a Taken Out on 'Alloy', but the Blacksmith's came back and Taken Out 'Boar' at the beginning of Turn 2 to even up the game 2-2.  It was now time to kick it into high gear...Butcher's followed up with Taken Out's on 'Anvil', 'Sledge', 'V Cinder' and 'Furnace' giving the Butcher's a 10-2 lead.  The clock then expired for my Butcher's during Turn 3, but not before 'Boar' could come back onto the Pitch and finish off 'Alloy' for a 12-2 Butcher's win.


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