January 6, 2019

Battle Report: Guild Ball 1/6/2019 Butcher's vs Hunter's

This afternoon I was finally able to get in my first game of 2019, and it was Guild Ball, Butcher's vs Hunter's.

I felt like playing a change today, so I went with 'Fillet' as my Captain.

V Ox
V Minx

My son has been trying his standard Hunter's lineup with a change in Mascots again and going with 'Snow' instead of 'Fahad' today.

My Butcher's kicked off to the Hunter's and Kicked the ball to my far right of the Pitch, who needs the ball anyways while playing Butcher's.  I had a pretty decent first Turn, no Taken Outs, but I did quite a bit of damage to set myself up for Turn 2.

Turn 2 is where the Butcher's did all the Taken Outs, but where I just about spent my entire clock too.  I managed to get 5 Taken Outs for 9 VP and just leaving 'Chaska' on the Pitch.  The Hunter's were able to get 2 Taken Outs themselves on 'Fillet' and 'Veteran Ox'.

Turn 3 I decided to give initiative to the Hunter's, I wanted to see where my opponent was going to be bringing in all of his players so I know where my 2 will be coming in from.  Hunters brought in 'Seenah' and 'Snow' to my left and 'Theron', 'V Minx' and 'Hearne' to my right.  I then brought in 'Fillet' and 'V Ox' on my right.  'Chaska' who was left on the Pitch went first and did his Boom Box on a healthy 'Boiler' so I was okay with that.  'V Ox' Charged in on 'V Minx' and did some damage, not a much a I had hoped for, but he was within melee range of 'Theron', so 'Theron' also took some damage.  'V Minx' passed the ball back to 'Thereon' and did not do much after that, my clock had expired by now and I was giving up 1 VP each activation.  'Filet' went next and as able to get a Taken Out on 'V Minx', she then Dodged towards 'Theron' and used her remaining Influence to finish off 'Theron' for a Butcher's win 12-6.


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