January 8, 2019

Daily Chronicle: Announced "MuseOn Con 2019" May 24th-26th, 2019

Just yesterday afternoon after I wrote my post about attending the Guild Ball Spring Fling event this coming April, I was thinking about MuseOn Con that will be happening this May and called my son downstairs to chat with him to see if he was interested in going.  I noticed on the website (which still had information from 2018) that tickets last year for the event went on sale around mid January, so I knew I still had a little bit of time to make our purchases.

This morning I wake up and refreshed my screen on my Chromebook, low and behold, I see the following graphic image on the site.

It looks like that TICKETS went on sale yesterday evening for the event.  Early Bird pricing (1/7-1/31) is $50 and includes a swag bag, between (2/1-3/23) the price goes up to $60 but it still includes the swag bag, after (3/24) tickets are still $60, but does not include a swag bag.  When purchasing your ticket, it asks you for what primary game will you be attending, I am guessing they my be tailoring their swag bag for their attendees, or maybe just get an estimate of tables needed for their events.

I purchased two tickets this morning, a Guild Ball option for myself, and a Batman Miniatures Game option for my son.

It looks like I will have a busy Spring after all with AdeptiCon, Spring Fling and now MuseOn Con.  With attending MuseOn Con, my chances of attending the Guild Ball East Canadian Nationals the weekend after, now are probably really slim, but I heard good things about MuseOn Con and missed out the last two years, so I m looking forward to this event.


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