January 19, 2019

Battle Report: Guild Ball 1/18/2019 Navigator's vs Hunter's

I need more and more Guild Ball practice, I have slacked off so far starting off 2019 in playing and painting (way behind in the painting department) so last night my son and i got in another game.  Instead of always Butcher's vs Hunter's, we are alternating to give each other practice vs other Guilds, at the same time learning some of the things the other Guilds can do.  Since i just played the Navigator's the other  night, I decided to try them again vs the Hunter's.

V Minx

I elected to receive this time to try and build up some Momentum with passing and setting up my players where I'd like them to be (near terrain).  It all started off pretty good for my Navigator's and then it all when downhill when 'Fathom' missed her Goal (grant it, it was on one die).  From there the Hunter's were just beating up on the Navigator's and I believe was losing 7-0 (from Taken Outs) when my clock expired.  I knew I was going to lose on the clock since it is still a learning process with the Navigator's.  With the new OPD that was released this week, I was able to have an extra 5:00 minutes added to my clock, but my opponent would gain 1VP after every Activation I take.  4 Activation's later the score was now 11-0 and I had 39 seconds left on the clock.  It was time to get a moral victory.  'Fathom' went for another Goal run from just coming back onto the Pitch.  She spent 1 Momentum for a Heroic Play to Dodge 4", then Charged 'Chaska' and wrapped with a Momentous Double Dodge and Dodge and to put her within Kick range.  She was still engaged and lost a die, but I used Bonus Time to put it right back.  This time 'Fathom' was able to score and the Navigator's lost 12-4.


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