January 15, 2019

Guild Ball: Regional Cup Organized Play Document Updated 1/15/2019

Steamforged Games just announced today an update to their Regional Cup Organized Play Document, this OPD is used for all standard Guild Ball tournaments.  There were two changes made to the document, the first change was more of a typo correction, and the second change has to deal with clocking out.

The first change just clarifies that the clock needs to be paused at the end of the Activation Phase and when the End Phase begins so that players can resolve damage from conditions off the clock.

The second change deals with clocking out.  Prior to the change, when you clock out (run out of your 45:00 minutes) you then proceed playing the gaming on 1:00 minute Activation's, when your 1:00 minute expires (or your Activation ends), your opponent is awarded 1VP.  Tracking the 1:00 minute was a hassle and you usually had to call the TO over to do this for you.  The change now is that you get an extended 5:00 minutes to complete your game and your opponent is still awarded 1VP each time you end your Activation.  I actually like this change because some of your Activation's can take a bit longer than just 1:00 minute, so if give you a little playing room.

To download the new Organized Play Document and read about the changes on Steamforged Games, click HERE.


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