January 14, 2019

Daily Chronicle: Announced "GenCon 2019" August 1st-4th, 2019

Yesterday afternoon tickets for GenCon 2019 went on sale to the public.  When I wrote about my plans for 2019, I had mentioned attending GenCon once again in 2019, like I did in 2018 just for Sunday.  Majority of GenCon is geared towards the RPG and TCG gamer's for organized events, though there are still a few of the miniature gaming companies running events and I thought spending $110 for a 4 day ticket and the price of hotel would be a bit too much for me. 

The Sunday ticket has a special price of $15 so it is not too bad to go check out the con for one day, grant it by Sunday most of the vendors are sold out of con exclusives that they bring with them, but it still is nice to walk the vendor hall.  Before I purchased my ticket for my son and I, I doubled checked with him if he was still interested in attending, no hesitation with him, it was a yes.  The last time he had attended GenCon he really does not remember as he was just a little kid back in the cons final years in Milwaukee, WI.

Here is a breakdown for ticket pricing at GenCon 2019 (only visible once you create an account and login).

It looks like so far I have been checking off my lists of events to register/attend in 2019, the only one left for confirmation of dates/location is SteamCon US 2019.


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