January 31, 2018

Hordes: Minions February 2018 Prerelease (ninja)

This past weekend was the 2018 Las Vegas Open and this year my son and I had decided we were not going to attend due to the fact there were no Guild Ball events on the schedule.  We both attended the previous 2 years and last year that is where we both got interested in Guild Ball.  We could have attended for the Warmachine/Hordes events, but we thought money would be better spent on AdeptiCon in 2 months.

This year’s LVO though would have been a great shopping year for me with all the new Hordes Minions models that are coming out in February.  Luckily I knew a fellow gamer not too far from me who was attending this year and I texted my order to him.  Well last night I met with him to pick up all my goodies.  Yes, I could have waited for my store in South Bend to receive the products, but it would nbot be guaranteed that they would get them in.  I drove down there last weekend for a Gatoman Soul Slave and they never got them.  Seeing how many of these models I want to get done for AdeptiCon, I thought the earlier I can get them, the better.  My painting queue for the first quarter now really got stacked up.  Looks like a lot of assembling will be taking place during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

I had my friend grab me the following models:

Gatorman Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron x1
Longchops x1
Void Leech x1
Gatorman Husk x3
Bone Shrine x1

The only prerelease I elected to pass on for now is the Croak Trappers, those I can wait on till my LGS gets them in stock.


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