February 1, 2016

WM: Cygnar Stormwall (Colossal)

I mentioned in my last post that I offered to my son if he wanted me to paint his Cygnar Stormwall for him so he can bring it with to the LVO Warmachine this weekend. What a mistake that was....this guy was a pain in my a$$.
For the last couple of years I keep telling myself 'brown wash' is not a good idea on white. So what do I do, I decide to try the wash again on white and I was disapponted. I should have just used the wash on the blue armor and metal, I ended up having to repainted most of the white all over again. He does now have that 'dirty' look to him that my son and I like on our Warjacks (makes them look like they were in battle and not ran through a car wash).
Also while I was painting him, I noticed my son left a lot of 'flash' behind. I wish would have really inspected the model before I primed him and I could have cleaned some of it up. My son will be taking care of painting the Lightning Pods, so I won't worry about those.

Painting Points: 25


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