April 5, 2014

Bolt Action: Soviet Union 'ZiS-3 76mm Divisional Gun'

Some of my Soviet models have started to trickle in from Warlord Games.  Once I saw I received my ZiS-3 76mm Divisional Gun, I knew I had to quickly assemble it and get it painted so it can hit the tabletop.
The 76mm was the backbone in many ways of the Soviet field guns. Capable of accurate direct fire and also as a howitzer, the 76mm was a classic in design and was universally used by the Russian armies even though the Korean War and beyond.
I cannot wait to see how this weapon does on the battlefield.

Soviet Union: ZiS-3 76mm Divisional Gun
Soviet Union: ZiS-3 76mm Divisional Gun
Painting Points: 3

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