April 12, 2014

Battle Report: 4/11/2014 X-Wing

Han really does not always shoot first!

Friday night after my son got home from work we decided to throw down a late night game of X-Wing.  Being a bit more familiar with the rules and since it was pretty late, we decided to elect to play with the 75 minute clock per the tournament rules.

I have been wanting to try a 'Han Shoots First' list since my son had taught me the game a few weeks ago, so last night I elected to do so.

Han Solo
(Marksmanship, Chewbacca, Gunner)
Rookie Pilot #1
Rookie Pilot #2

Darth Vader
(Swarm Tactics)
Kir Kanos 
(Targeting Computer)
Saber Squadron Pilot 
(Swarm Tactics)
Avenger Squadron Pilot

My son playing the Imperials wanted to try something also a little different and chose Darth Vader along with 4 Tie Interceptors.

The start of the game was not good for the Rebels.  With the Imperials in formation, they were able to take advantage of initiative and the 'Swarm Tactics' to start taking away shields from Han Solo.  The first few turns were deadly and Han had lost his shields and was starting to take damage.  Once the Imperials were no longer able to hold formation, Han was able to fix the hyperdrive and targeting computers and the hits started to come in with the Rookie Pilots finishing off the Interceptors.

It was finally Han and his Rookies with just Darth Vader left in the game, a long range shot with an asteroid in the way scored  2 damage plus a critical.  Vader with 5 dice, missed with all 5 and as blown out of the sky.

At first I was real scared playing this list, the damage kept on coming.  Once the game changed hands I started to feel better and the list was coming through.  Being still new to the game, I am still getting used to maneuvering, especially with such a large base on the YT-1300 made it even more difficult.

I am starting to get more drawn to this game, part of the reason is we can quickly roll out the mat and start playing a game.  When we want a new model we just go out and buy it and do not need to wait for me to paint it.

I've got one more list I would like like to try this weekend.  We'll either get another late night game in today, or tomorrow after Bolt Action.


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