April 14, 2014

Battle Report: 4/13/2014 X-Wing

Besides painting up some 'Assault Rifles' for our German Bolt Action army, I really did not get much painting done this weekend.  Instead this weekend more about playing some games.  We started first on Friday night with a game of X-Wing (click here for the Battle Report) and then played an intro 650 point game of Flames of War, followed by another game of X-Wing Sunday morning, and then two games of Bolt Action.  Here is a quick run down of Sunday's X-Wing game.

After playing a 'Han Shoots First' list on Friday night, on Saturday I was thinking how cool would it be to play with two YT-1300's (Millennium Falcon ships), so after our Flames of War intro game on Saturday, my son and I ran out to one of our local game stores and I picked up another YT-1300 and another X-Wing.

In this game it was a Rebel vs Rebel battle.  I wanted to try the two YT-1300's and my son wanted to try three X-Wings with named characters.

Han Solo
(Marksmanship, Gunner)
(Push The Limit, Millennium Falcon)

Luke Skywalker 
(R2-D2, Marksmanship
Wedge Antilles
Biggs Darklighter
(R2-F2, Shield Upgrade)

A lot of the two YT-1300 lists has Chewbacca with the 'Draw Their Fire' upgrade, but I thought I'd try something a little different with him in case I needed to use two actions in a turn.  Turns out I really did not have to use it.

I did manage to better maneuver the YT-1300's in this game and only once bumped into my own ship.
Chewbacca bumping into Han Solo.
The battle came down to Han Solo and Chewbacca chasing down Luke Skywalker (once we've taken care of Wedge and Biggs).  With the two YT-1300's firing on Luke, there was nothing that could save him, not even RD-D2.  It was a win for the smugglers.

Han Solo and Chewbacca get the Win.


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