April 28, 2014

Battle Report: 4/27/2014 Bolt Action 'United States vs Germany'

It has been 2 weeks since my son and I each played a game of Bolt Action.  Been busy playing X-Wing for awhile.  But yesterday it was time to bring the armies back out.  My son decided he wanted to play with his US army, so I was then going to be playing the Germans.  I have yet to play with the German Sd.Kfz 251/1 Half-track, so I decided to put together a list to include this vehicle.  We randomly rolled a mission from the rule book and got 'Top Secret', that should be ideal with the Half-track.

Sunday 4/27/2014
Points: 1000
Scenario: Top Secret
Objective: Seize the objective and carry it off your table edge..
Armies: Germany (Dean) vs United States (Dragi)

I am still lacking 'terrain' for our table, so majority of the woods were just represented by 'area terrain'.  My plan is by the end of summer to have a wide selection of terrain, from building to roads to woods.
End of Turn 01.
End of Turn 02.
End of Turn 03.
End of Turn 04.
End of Turn 05.
End of Turn 06.

End of Turn 07.
Well the dice were not with the Germans today.  The game started out as planned with the German Half-track advancing up the road and a Veteran squad disembarking towards the objective.  Once they arrived at the objective, the Germans could not hold it nor pass it along as the Americans had 4 squads approaching and reigning down on fire eliminating the German Veteran squad.  The German Stug IIIC could not hit anything and was eventually blown away from the American Sherman.  By the time the Americans were able to capture the objective, there was not enough time left for them carry it off the board with the dense woods in their deployment zone.  The Americans then decided to just decimate the Germans killing them all.  Technically the game was a 'Draw' per the rulebook, even though the Americans slaughtered the Germans.  Usually if this game was played in a Tournament Environment, the Americans would have received +1 points for controlling the objective at the end of the game.


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