April 7, 2014

Bolt Action: Soviet Union 'ISU-122/152 Tank 201'

Saturday was all about painting the 'big' stuff.  As you know I completed a ZiS-3 76mm Divisional Gun, but I also had worked on a few vehicles too.  When the ZiS-3 arrived from Warlord, the ISU-122 I also ordered, arrived at the same time.  I waited until Saturday to get started on this tank since I was going to use the airbrush and had to get the garage all setup to use it.

While I was assembling the ISU-122 during the week, I noticed on the bottom of the resin chassis that it was engraved "ISU-122/152".  I then did some research and learned that the hull of these two tanks were identical.  While opening the package for the gun turret, I also noticed that Warlord included both turrets.  The A-19 gun for the ISU-122 and the 152mm howitzer for the ISU-152.  With this, I knew I had to utilize magnets for the guns so then I could have 2 tanks for the price of 1.

This coming weekend is going to be fun to try these two new toys for the Soviets.

Soviet Union: ISU-122 (A-19 Gun)
Soviet Union: ISU-122 (A-19 Gun)
Soviet Union: ISU-152 (152mm Howitzer)
Painting Points: 10


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