April 16, 2014

Battle Report: 4/15/2014 X-Wing 'Firespray-131 x3 vs X-Wing x4'

Earlier today I mentioned that I recently picked up another 2 Firespray-131's for X-Wing.  Well last night I wanted to try the 3 Firespray-131 list and see how it does.

Luke Skywalker
(R2-D2, Marksmanship)
Red Squadron
Rookie Pilot
Rookie Pilot

Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter

Firespray-131's deployed.
Rebel X-Wings deployed.
Fantasy Flight Games just released a new 'Tournament FAQ' yesterday, so we played with those rules.  There were only two changes to the rules, initiative and margin of victory.

In this game, the dice were not with the Galactic Empire.  I had no problems maneuvering the three large ships, I just had problems providing damage and defending damage.  The 'Bounty Hunters' did manage to take down a 'Rookie Pilot' and I had to take out 'Luke Skywalker', but in the end, the Rebels were able to destroy all the Imperial ships.

Up next I will be trying 2 Firespray-131's along with some variation of a TIE and upgrades.


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