April 8, 2014

Bolt Action: Germany 'StuG III Ausf G'

Continuing this week's theme of 'big guns and vehicles', up next we have a German StuG III Ausf G Tank.  The basecoat and camo were done this past Saturday with the airbrush out, then we finished up the tank last night.  After the basecoat/camo were done, the camo scheme looked really nice.  I was contemplating about giving the entire tank a 'wash' (since it looked so good), but the tank at the time looked like it just came off the assembly line.  So I elected to do the wash and dirty up the tank a bit, it is a battlefield and not an "Auto Show".

Germany: StuG III Ausf G
Germany: StuG III Ausf G
Painting Points: 10


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