April 16, 2014

Bolt Action: Soviet Union 'Flamethrower Team'

A few weeks ago, Warlord Games announced a new Soviet Union 'Flamethrower Team', '50mm Light Mortar Team' and an 'Ampulomet'.  When I heard that they were releasing these models, I had to order them right away.  With Royal Mail taking there usual two weeks to ship items to me, they finally arrived late last week.  Seeing how I already had a few items on my painting board, these models were going to slide to the back burner for a short while.  With already having a 'Medium Mortar' for my Soviet army, I am in no rush to finish the 'Light Mortar', but I am for the 'Flamethrower' and 'Ampulomet'.

The Soviet did not previously have a 'Flamethrower' model from Warlord Games for their army.  Yes there is a 'Flamethrower' with the 'Assault Engineers' (still yet to model and paint) but not in their standard Soviet uniform.  So this model was first to hit the painting board once I cleared up my other models.

Last night it was there turn for the board and they were completed after my game of X-Wing last night.

Soviet Union: Flamethrower Team
Soviet Union: Flamethrower Team
Painting Points: 2


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