April 2, 2014

Bolt Action: Germany 'Heer Grenadier Assault Rifles x6'

Well April is here and it was time to get in some painting for the month.  As I mentioned in my previous posts about my 'Heer Infantry Squads' 1, 2, 3, I was planning on adding some assault rifles to those squads so they can be played as 'Heer Grenadier Squads' for Late War battles.

When I ordered the assault rifles from Warlord, I also added another German Infantry sprue.  As I was assembling the additional models, I noticed that the sprue was for Late War Germans, that was OK with me since these guys were going to be used for Late War anyways.  Once I started the painting the models, something did not look right.  They are actually slight larger than the Early War models.  You can notice in the legs, they look 'chunkier', I guess the Germans ate well in the Late War.

In the picture below, the front 3 models are from the Late War sprue, and the back 3 are still my Early War models.  I think next time I need to expand on this army, I will stick to the Early War models.

Germany: Heer Grenadier Assault Rifles
Germany: Heer Grenadier Assault Rifles
I have 10 additional assault rifles I need to model for my Veteran squads, but I have a Soviet ZiS-3 that is calling my name to be painted.  So we'll see what is next (most likely the ZiS-3).  If I do not get to the ZiS-3 by this weekend, then the German tank will be next.  I like to do my vehicles on the weekends when I have time to setup the airbrush.

Painting Points: 6


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