March 28, 2014

Bolt Action: Germany 'Heer Veteran Infantry Squads 1 & 2'

Since there was not much on TV to my liking last night, I was able to get both 5 man 'Heer Veteran Infantry Squads' completed from start to finish.

As I mentioned with the three 'Heer Infantry Squads' I painted this week, these two Veteran Squads will each receive an addition 5 men with assault rifles so they can be use in 'Late War'.  I just need to find the time this weekend to assemble all the assault rifles.  My new ZiS-3 for my Soviet army also came in yesterday, so the weekend may see that model being assembled.

I still have an 'Early War' Officer/Soldier that I can paint for the Germans along with a FOO/Spotter model.  Then the Stug III will get painted (most likely next weekend).

Germany: Heer Veteran Infantry Squad 01
Germany: Heer Veteran Infantry Squad 02
Painting Points: 10


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