March 3, 2014

Battle Report: 2/28/2014 Bolt Action 'Soviet Union vs United States'

This past Friday night my son and I headed over to Empire Games to get a couple of quick games in of Bolt Action.  Seeing how his US army is currently being painted, we elected to scale down the battles to 600 point armies.

We ended up playing two games, the first one 'Demolition' and the second one 'Maximum Attrition'.

Game 1
Scenario: Demolition
Objective: Destroy the enemy base.

With 600 points, not a lot is on the table, so instead of playing on a 6x4 table, we elected to scale it down to a 4x4 table.  Since we both really like playing with tanks, it also does not leave too much left on the table in regards to infantry, basically the officer, 2 squads, heavy weapon team and tank.  Since my tank costs more than the US I did not have a heavy weapon team, but I still was able to include my free rifle squad.

This game was real close and for awhile I though the Soviets have it easily won, but an outflanking US Infantry squad managed to get to my base.  The Soviets had a Veteran squad and the free Rifle squad within range of the enemy base, but both units failed to pass their order checks (with both units having pin markers on them).  At the end of the turn, it was the US destroying the Soviets base.

Game 1: Demolition
Game 1: Demolition
Game 2
Scenario: Maximum Attrition
Objective: Destroy the enemy.

'Maximum Attrition' seems to be my kind of scenario for my Soviets.  Heads up go and attack the enemy, and that is what the Soviets did.  Once again this was a closer battle than what the Soviets had hoped for, but on the final turn the Soviets were able to finish the US army wining 4-2.

Game 2: Maximum Attrition


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