March 27, 2014

Bolt Action: Germany 'Heer Infantry Squad 3'

The third 'Heer Infantry Squad' of three are now completed for my German army.  Up next I will be working on my two 5-men Veteran Sqauds, I am hoping to have them completed by Saturday (if not then on Saturday).

Good news for my 'Late War' models, my assault rifles finally came in yesterday from Warlord.  I had originally thought that I ordered 10 assault rifles, it turns out that I actually ordered 20 (better for the Germans).  So now my plan with these are, I will be assembling 2 each for my 'Heer Infantry Squads' so they will then become 'Heer Grenadier Squads' for 'Late War'.  Then I will assemble 10 additional men so I can add 5 each to my 'Veteran Squads'.  Well that still leaves me with 4, I will then make a 'Late War' Officer and Soldier with assault rifles.  This way I can have an 'Early War' and 'Late War' Officers.

It looks to be a pretty busy Spring, I have some more Soviet models coming in, then in late May my son will also be getting some more US models for his army.  Plus wrapping up the Germans.

So my next project after the Germans will more than likely be a Summer project.

Germany: Heer Infantry Squad 03
Germany: Heer Infantry Squad 03
Painting Points: 10


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