March 24, 2014

Bolt Action: Germany 'Heer Infantry Squad 1'

Yesterday I was able to get started on the first of three 'Heer Infantry Squads' for our Bolt Action German army.  I decided to model our German army for 'Early War', then as needed for 'Late War', I will swap out some riflemen with assault rifles.

I'll be starting with 3 Heer Infantry Squads with 10 men, and 2 Heer Veteran Infantry Squads with 5 men each.  Then as mentioned above, I'll be modeling 10 men with assault rifles that I can add as needed to above squads.

One thing that I am starting to do with the German army is to paint the eyes on all the infantry models.  Usually I paint the eyes on the NCO's (and let it be for the others), but since with the Germans I am going back and adding white to the collars after I do my 'wash', I figure it is only a few more seconds to also do the eyes.

Germany: Heer Infantry Squad 01
Germany: Heer Infantry Squad 01
Painting Points: 10


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