March 15, 2014

Bolt Action: United States 'Rangers-Veterans Squad 1'

After getting some terrain built for gaming table in the garage this past week, I also was able to start on my son's US Rangers squad.

The rules for the US Rangers call for a 11 man unit, we decided to build this unit to 12 men so that we he can also play them as a Veteran unit if he elects to do so.  The 12th man would be the addition of a 2nd BAR to the unit.

I do not have a steady hand to paint 'patches' and 'emblems' on units, but I made an effort to somewhat paint the 'Rangers' patch on each of the arms.  This way he can easily identify them as 'Rangers' or 'Veterans' on the gaming table from the rest of his Infantry.

I also labeled the post and pictures as "1" just in case in the future he decides to add a second unit.

United States: Rangers - Veterans Squad 01
United States: Rangers - Veterans Squad 01
Painting Points: 12


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