March 24, 2014

Daily Chronicle: 3/24/2014 'Poll: Which Bolt Action Army Should I Start Next?'

As I am now into painting our third army for Bolt Action (Germans), I need to start to plan/think ahead what army I want to do once I get the Germans done.  I will always be expanding my son's American army, and possibly my Soviets, but I've always loved to collect multiple armies and have a choice which army to play.

I am running a Poll for the next 30 days to help me decide which to start next.  On the right hand side of the page you will see the poll question.  Please vote and help me decide..... honestly I am leaning towards the British Airborne (with the possibility of expanding this army to be even larger than my Soviet army).  But let's see what my readers have to say.....

The selections I have included are:

British Airborne
Royal Yugoslavia (I have always wanted to this army since my grandpa was a Major in this army and was captured by the Germans in April 1941.  Since there is no 'official list' for them, I would have to play them with either Greece or French rules, or right up my own 'house rules').


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