March 12, 2014

Daily Chronicle: 3/12/2014 'Terrain: Ruins-Hedges-Woods'

As you can see, I have not posted any completed models this week.  This past Saturday I had decided to start on some terrain for our gaming table in the garage so we can play Bolt Action anytime we feel like it.

It has been a very long time since I had built any terrain (back when I started with Warhammer Fantasy), and I am not very artistic, so I gave it my best shot.


While digging through some of my gaming bins, I recalled seeing some old W40K ruined buildings that I must have received from one of their starter sets.  I had decided to dig these out and proceeded to glue them together.  I also decided to shave off any 'skull markings' and 'imperial eagles' since I wanted to used these more for general gaming.

Ruins glued down to MDF.
Basing rocks/debris glued down.
Finished product.
I was actually hoping the buildings were going to be a bit darker.  I did not have a darker grey paint, and when I tried to 'wash' them with my Army Painter 'Strong Tone', they were then too brown.  I did not have and greyish/black wash on hand.


Up next I decided to build some 'area terrain' to represent the Woods (instead of the green felt we usually use).  At the same time, I also painted the bases of the Trees to match the Woods.

MDF all cutout and sanded for the Woods and Ruins.
Sand and Gravel applied to the Woods.
Base color applied to the Woods.
Finished product: Woods:
Finished product: Trees


Now it was time to work on some Hedges, to outline some towns on the table and to go up next to the roadways.

I got the idea of making the Hedges from 'The Demo Gamers' blog.  He goes into more detail on his blog on how he made them.  I changed mine ever so slightly from his.

First we have the supplies.  I went to the $.99 store to pick up some scour pads.  Then we have some large craft sticks and super glue (I thought I could use the super glue, but switched to using hot glue instead)

Round edges were trimmed off the craft sticks.
Scour pads were cut in half.

This is where I decided to change how I was going to do it.  Instead of folding each pad in half and glueing them, I decided just to cut each pad in half again, the hedges would not be as thick, but would save me a little time.

Folded vs. cut in half.
Glued and based.
Bases were painted the same shade of brown as the woods, and then drybrushed.
Finished product.
Before I applied the green turf to the Hedges, I did trim each one down about an 1/8".  I noticed they were a bit too tall for my models.  I wanted my models to see over the Hedges and not use them as blocking line of sight.

Painting Points: 60


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