March 1, 2014

Painting Points: February 2014

Well February has come to an end.  It was not a record month for me in regards to Painting Points (4th all time and 5th time in the triple digits) but I am very happy with what was accomplished.  I manage to paint up 109 points this month.  Like I stated above it was my 4th highest amount ever, but the other 3 times were mainly larger vehicles and larger characters that award more points.  This month I only had one vehicle and the rest were all infantry models, so I am very happy.

I was able to complete my Soviet Union army for Bolt Action (at least enough to play in a 1000 point tournament, and I will be expanding this army in the future), and I was able to start on my sons United States army also.

Grant it none of these models are capable of winning any painting awards, or score high in painting for tournaments, but they are at least tabletop quality and I can enjoy the game with fully painted armies.

So "what's the plan for March?", I will continue work on the United States army to get them to at least 1000 points, then I also have some Germans that need assembling and painted.

Total Painting Points for the month: 109

Total Painting Points for the year: 111


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