March 8, 2014

Bolt Action: Soviet Union 'Sniper Team'

Now that the core of my Soviet Union army and my son's United States army are complete, it was time to start adding some additional units to them.

Seeing how I had some extra Soviet men on sprues, I decided that a 'Sniper Team' would be added to my army.  Hitting on a 2+ and ignoring cover will come in handy to pick off some enemy officers.

It has been a few weeks since I last painted a Soviet infantry model, I had to reference my own blog just to double check on some colors.

While I was painting these two models, I also had two Soviet SMG men already assembled.  I decided to paint these at the same time.  The SMG men are just extra men that can be fitted into my existing units.

Soviet Union: 'Sniper Team'
Soviet Union: 'SMG Men'
Painting Points: 4


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