March 23, 2014

Battle Report: 3/22/2014 Bolt Action 'Soviet Union vs Germany'

Yesterday (Saturday 3/22/14) the German army decided to do a surprise attack against the Soviet Union.  Can the 'Red Army' hold off the powerful German army? Continue reading to find out.

Saturday 3/22/2014
Points: 1000
Scenario: Envelopment
Objective: The attacker must try and move as many of his units as he can into the defender's set-up zone or off the opposing side's table edge.
Armies: Defenders Soviet Union (Dean) vs Attackers Germany (Dragi)

Turn 1:
With 'Preparatory Bombardment' hitting the Soviet units, the Soviets spent most of the turn 'rallying' their units and removing pin markers.  Some of the Germans started to advance onto the table.

Turn 2:
The Soviet Sniper Team decided to take aim on the German Oberleutnant and took the kill shot to the head (that was about all the Soviet Sniper could kill in this battle).  The German and Soviet tanks were firing back and forth and neither of them could do any damage.

Turn 3:
The German Stug III tank 'fubars' and had to 'run' away from the Soviets.  The Soviet T34 tried to fire at the Stug and still could not do any damage.

Turn 4:
Germans outflanked with a Flamethrower Team to my right, but a Soviet SMG Squad sitting in 'ambush' were able to open fire on the Germans, killing both of the Germans.  The Soviet Free Rifle Squad outflanked on my left, right behind a German Infantry Squad.  The inexperienced soldiers were only able to kill one German.

Turn 5:
The Soviet T34, a Guards Squad and Free Rifle Squad managed to wipe out the German Infantry that was on my left.  In the middle of the table a Guards Squad assaulted one German Officer Soldier and easily won the battle and consolidated back into cover.  The Soviet Ampulet 'ambushes' on a German Infantry Squad and managed to kill three Germans.  For the Germans, their Sniper Team was able to kill the Soviet Sniper and the Soviet failed their tests and were removed from the battle.

Turn 6:
The Soviet Ampulet fires on the same German squad as in Turn 5 and manages to finish off that squad.  The Germans were able to get two Veteran Squads off the table edge from 'outflank' maneuvers, Soviets in 'ambush' could not stop them.  The German Stug III also was able to get a side shot on the Soviet T34 causing massive damage.  With the T34 being stunned and on fire, it fails it's tests and was knocked out.  The Soviets tried a Panzerfaust shot at the Stug III and failed to do any damage.

Turn 7:
The Soviets passed their morale test and assaulted the side of the German Stug III and only scored a 7 for damage (needing at least an 8).  The Soviets then concentrated their fire on the remaining two German units left on the table (Sniper Team and Veteran Squad).  None of the Soviet shots were able to do any damage.

The Attackers score 1 victory point for every enemy unit destroyed.  They also score 2 victory points for each of their own units inside the Defenders set-up area, and 3 victory points for units that have moved off the enemies table edge.  The Defenders score 2 victory points for every enemy unit destroyed.  If one side scores at least 2 more victory points than the other, then that side has won a clear victory, otherwise teh result is deemed too close to call and honors are shared - a draw.

Germany: 9
Soviet Union: 8

Soviet deployed.

Soviets deployed in cover and hidden.
Soviets deployed in cover and hidden.
Soviet Free Rifle Squad outflanking on the Germans.
German Stug III firing a side shot against the Soviet T34 and knocking it out.
German Veterans running of the table edge.
German Sniper Team getting a kill shot on the Soviet Sniper.
Soviets fire a Panzerfaust against the German Stug III and fail to do any real
German Veterans outflanking off the table edge.  Soviet ambush fails.
Soviet Ampulet firing against Germans and finishing the unit off.
Soviets assault the German Stug III and fail to do any damage.
The game is over.
The game is over.


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