March 9, 2014

Daily Chronicle: 3/9/2014 'WW2 T-shirts'

The Monday before 'Gathering in the Desert' back in February, I was debating about getting some WW2 T-shirts for my son and I to wear to the event.  I first looked online for all of our local 'army surplus' stores.  Of the one's I found online, none of them had any Soviet shirts in their web store.  Then thanks to Google, I came across 'Achtung T Shirt' and I was pretty amazed with their selection.  I also noticed that when you purchase 3 shirts you receive free shipping and it's Priority Mail.  So I thought Priority Mail usually arrives in about 2-days, so I have time to order the shirts for the event.

I ordered 2 Soviet T-shirts for myself and for my son I ordered a German and US shirt, since my son was playing Germans in the event and we would eventually be collecting a German army, that was the reason for the German shirt.

2 days after I ordered my shirts I decided to check on the status, my account was showing that have not shipped yet.  Since we were getting closer to the event, I decided to send an email to the owner Bill to check on my status.  Turns out Bill was on vacation that week here in my state of Arizona and he was not going to be able to ship the shirts out to the following week.  I was a little disappointed since I really wanted the shirts to wear at GitD, but Bill the owner provided some awesome customer service and if I wanted to wait till he gets back to ship the shirts, he would throw in another shirt for free.  So I thought ok, I wont cancel my order and I had him add another German Iron Cross in my size.

The T-shirts did finally arrive the week after GitD (I had just forgotten to write about them until now).  So if you are looking for any WW2 T-shirts, decals, I highly recommend "Achtung T Shirt".


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