April 13, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 4/13/2010: AdeptiCon Photos

Better late than never.  I finally had a chance to unpack my camera and upload a few photos from AdeptiCon 2010.  I'm pretty bad when it comes to taking photos at events that I am playing in, I usually get to involved in the games I'm playing.  So I only have a few photos from Friday and Saturday (completly forgot about the camera on Sunday.)

Friday night Jay ran a Legends of The Old West "big game", my son and I did not partake in this event but we did manage to check out some of the action after we picked up our badges for the weekend.

On Saturday as I mentioned last month, my son and I played in the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament.  Here are a few pictures of our team, "Team Taros II".

Team Taros II

Jeff (Elysians)

Dean (Cadians)

Allan (Cadians)

Dragi (Tallarns)

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