April 28, 2010

Battle Report: W40K Imperial Guard vs. Orks

Last night I was able to get out to Empire Games for a 1500 point game of my fully mech Imperial Guard vs. Orks.  I'm not one who remembers all the details for Battle Reports, but I'll try and recap as best as I can.

We wanted to have a fun game and decided to choose a mission from the new Battle Missions book.  There are three missions for Imperial Guard and three missions for Orks.  We rolled a D6 and with a roll of 1 we ended up playing the first mission for  Imperial Guard "Prepared Assault".

Mission: Prepared Assault

Deployment: Split the table in halves, the enemy (Orks) deploy first, anywhere they desire in their half of the table.  The Imperial Guard then deploy second, anywhere in their half of the table that is more than 18" from an enemy unit.

Objectives: There was a total of three objective markers.  One marker is placed in the center of the table, the second marker is placed in the center of the enemy deployment zone, and finally the third marker gets placed by the Imperial Guard player anywhere in the enemy deployment zone at least 12" from another marker.

Reserves: Neither side may place any units in reserve.

First Turn:  Imperial Guard player rolls a D6, on a roll of 2-6 the Imperial Guard player goes first.

Game Length: 5 turns with random length.

Victory Conditions: Capture the most objectives.

Special Rules: "Stray Rounds"  During the shooting phase, the Imperial Guard gets the option to use two "stray rounds" and the enemy gets one "stray round" in their shooting phase.  A "stray round" is a 1/2" piece of paper that is dropped anywhere from above the table (36" above the table) and lands randomly.  The "Stray Round" is S8, AP3, Large Blast, Ordnance Barrage.

Turn 1:  (IG) Since I was at least 18" from each enemy unit, I decided to just sit back the first turn and unload some arsenal on one of the 30 Ork Troop choices sitting in the middle of the table on one of the objective markers.  I was able to kill quite a few of them, but not enough for them to take a test.  My Executioner decided to unload 5 Plasma Canon templates on a squad of Lootas occupying a ruin and managing to kill a couple.  My 2 stray rounds did not do any damage.  (Orks)  The Orks decided to advance a little closer to the IG.  With BS of 2 the Orks shooting phase did not go to well for them.  They did manage to immobilize 1 Chimera, bit everything else including the stray round had no effect.

Turn 2: (IG) Now that the Deff Dreads had advance closer to my Vets with Meltaguns I had to take a chance and bring them down.  Each squad rolled identical and both Deff Dreads had become a wreck.  The rest of my army were still concentrating on bringing down the 30 Ork units to a smaller size.  (Orks) Proceeded to move closer.  In the Shooting Phase, the Orks did manage to destroy one of my Chimera's so one of Vet squads will now be on foot.

Turn 3-4: (IG) Dropping as much fire with all my units and my Banewolf on the 30 Ork units.  I was able to eliminate the 30 Ork unit that was holding the center objective with special thanks to the Banewolf.  One of my "stray rounds" did manage to hit his second 30 Ork unit and was able to kill a few more Orks.  (Orks)  Managed to immobilize another Chimera.  Both of the immobilized units were on foot trying to get to the center of the table while receiving heavy fire from the Orks.  The Orks managed to kill quite of few the Guard, but the Guard would not turn away and proceeded to the center of the board.

Turn 5:  (IG) One of my Vets with Meltaguns managed to capture and control one of the objectives.  The second objective was controlled by a 10 man Ork unit, I proceeded to drop the 5 Plasma Canon shots on this squad and try to narrow them down.  (Orks) Sent "Ghazghkull" to the center of the table to eliminate the two Vet squads I had holding the center objective.  The Vets did survive one round of combat with Ghazghkull striking nothing but air.  We rolled to end the game, and it continues.

Turn 6: (IG)  Unloading as much fire power as I can on Ghazghkull, and managed to do 3 wounds.  The Executioner dwindling down the 10 Ork unit holding objective two.  (Orks)  Did not have too much they can do this round.  Most of their shots had missed.  We roll to see if we continue, and we do.

Turn 7: (IG) Once again unloading what we can on Ghazghkull and finally managed to bring him down with a Vet squad of 3 Meltas that were now holding the center objective.  The Executioner managed to finish of the 10 Ork unit holding the second objective, and the Banewolf managed to finish off the second 30 Ork unit.  The Orks now had no more scoring units available.  All they can do was try and contest.  (Orks) Concentrated their fire on the center of the table and eliminated the Vet squad holding the center objective.  One last effort had the Shokk Attack Gun doing a long distance shot towards objective three which was being held by another Vet squad and the template scatters off the table.  Game Over, the Imperial Guard managed to win 1-0.

What a really fun game and I wanted to thank Frank for the game.  Playing a "Battle Mission" scenario was a nice change of pace and the "stray rounds" added a nice touch.

Below are just a few pictures from the battle.


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