April 30, 2010

Battle Report: W40K Imperial Guard vs. Dark Angels

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Last night I played a quick 1000 point game against my son's Dark Angel army.  I of course played my Mech Guard list that I played in the AdeptiCon 2010 Team Tournament (I really love that 1000 point list).

We decided to play another Battle Missions scenario.  These missions are a nice change to the standard missions in the rulebook.  A lot of the missions are similar to the rulebooks with some twists.  We ended up rolling another IG mission.

Mission: Trench Warfare

Objectives: Set-up D3+2 objective markers before either side deploys or rolls for their deployment area.  We rolled 4 objective markers.

Deployment:  Pitched Battle with only Troops and Heavy Support on the table.  Vehicle units or units with dedicated transport vehicles may not be deployed.

Reserves: Both sides may place any units in reserve.  HQ, Elite, FA and any units with a dedicated transport vehicle must start in reserve.

First Turn:  Imperial Guard player rolls a D6, on a roll of 2-6 the Imperial Guard player goes first.

Game Length:  5 turns with random length.

Victory Conditions:  At the end of the game the player that holds the most objective markers wins the battle.

Special Rules: 
Dug In:  Units deployed in the open are considered to be occupying defensive positions and will receive a 4+ cover save.  Once they move, they lose this cover.
Obstacles:  Each player is allowed to place D6 obstacle in their deployment area consisting of razor wire or tank traps.

Objective games are always close games for me.  With having the Mech Guard, I sit back and shoot for a few turns and start to go for the objectives.  Having all my units in reserve to start the game, and Autocannon's in each of my Vet Squads, I could not shoot to much when coming in.  The Executioner and Banewolf were again the MVP's for this game.  The Banewolf did managed to get destroyed by some close range Meltagun shots, but not before he was able to wreck havoc.  The Executioner with the Plasma Cannon was just dropping blasts everywhere and killing Marines.

The IG were able to hold one objective in their deployment area and hold the center objective.  There were no Dark Angels left to hold any objectives, but did have 2 Heavy Vehicles left that were in close range to be able to contest an objective.  At the end of Turn 7, the IG managed to win 2-0 with the Dark Angels falling short of contesting any objectives.

Entrance to the City
Dark Angels holding an objective in their Deployment Area

Banewolf moving up the battlefield looking for a suitable position

Executioner and Vet Squad holding the line

Dark Angels holding the center objective (for a short time)

Chimera with Vet Squad claiming the center objective with the
Dark Angels just falling short to contest the marker.


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