April 14, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 4/14/2010: Felt Like Christmas

Last night I started cleaning up my painting station to get ready to move the Tyranids onto it.  I had plenty of Chimera vehicle sprues laying around from finishing the four the other day and wanted to pack them away in case I need the bitz at later time.  I looked on my shelf in my closet and pulled down a Chimera box and my Leman Russ Box (from my Executioner).  I was not sure if I had room in the Chimera box for more sprues, but I checked anyways, nope it was already full from the previous four I built.  The Leman Russ box I knew I had room.  I opened the box and what did I see.....

Games Workshop©
It felt like Christmas when I opened the box and found the Battletank.  I had forgotten awhile ago that I traded a Chimera + $ for a Leman Russ Batletank with a friend of mine.  Seeing how I needed some more points to fill out my lists, I was going to add another Hellhound, but for now I'll build this Battletank and it will save a few dollars for now (which can be used on the Tyranids).  I did finish up all my 'Desert Yellow' spray on the Chimeras......  looks like another order with "The War Store" will be soon.


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